About Me

Who is Alicia?

I’m a London based professional switch, luxury companion and all around bad influence.

Hailing from the home counties, I’m an A* student whose always had a naughtier side. A classic case of a good girl gone bad.

I was actually a fairly late bloomer sexually and didn’t really hit my stride until my early 20s. Realising I was bisexual came alongside my first explorations into kink and, as they say, the rest is history.

I find being a professional hedonist fits me far better than working in an office ever did. It’s given me the chance to explore so many new things, meet some truly wonderful people, and have so very much sex. What could be better?

In the bedroom…

Whether it’s candles and caresses in bed or bondage and butt plugs in a dungeon, I’m forever chasing new encounters with like-minded people. I don’t favour kink over the more vanilla side of things, instead I value and adore both.

While bondage and spanking have a special place in my heart as the first two kinks I discovered I enjoyed, they are far from the only ones I dabble in. My sessions page can give you a better sense of where my interests lie.

But more than a list of activities, kinks or roleplay scenarios, what I’m truly after is the chance to make lasting memories with people. I want to make sure we both have a night to remember every time we meet.


Age: 25

Height: 5’ 5”

Dress Size: 10

Bra size: 34DD

Bottom: peachy

Pubic hair: full and natural

Hair: shoulder-length, deep brown

Eye colour: green

Piercings: one, a Medusa (link)

Tattoos: six, all fairly large


As an English Literature graduate, I’ve never lost my love of reading. I mostly read modern fiction as I rather tired myself out with classic literature and modernism at university – though if you’ll let me I’ll happily talk your ear off about James Joyce or Virginia Woolf.

When it comes to TV, I’m currently totally obsessed with Killing Eve (if you haven’t seen it I’ll soon convince you to). I’m also an unapologetic Games of Thrones fan and always happy to geek out about it with fellow enthusiasts.

I’m a little bit of a booze nerd. My curiosity and thirst for knowledge mean I’m always trying to learn more about the history and production of wines, cocktails, rum, gin, beer, etc. A little sampling along the way never goes amiss I’ve found. When it comes to my all time very favourite drink though? A Negroni, pure and simple. Buy this gal a few Negronis and you’ll secure your place in my heart – and my knickers more than likely – for good.

As for food, much like my sex life I have a “try everything once” sort of attitude. I’ve never been a fussy eater and part of my great joy of living in London is the chance to try so many new dishes and cuisines. If you ever want to grab a bite to eat I will be happy to suggest somewhere for us to go.