Three’s a Party

It’s been some time since my last – and very brief – blog. Forgive me but please trust me when I say the time in between has been well spent.

Once again it seems to be the turn of the season that has me back at my laptop, though really the topic of “threesomes and how I don’t have enough of them” has been on my mind for some time now.

Often the gentlemen who come to see me have met one or more of my friends. It is in fact often how they’ve found me. It is through these conversations, after I’ve breathily sighed about how beautiful one of their bottoms is, I realise I haven’t enjoyed their company in the bedroom for far too long. For some, I’ve yet to have the pleasure. Which frankly seems criminal considering how beautiful, intelligent and kinky they all are.

I adore the slow sensuality of three people exploring each others bodies at once. I love the give and take of pleasure as our focuses move from one to the other and back to ourselves, a beautiful to and fro. Seeing the dazzled look on a gentleman’s face once a friend and I have placed all our attention on him is something not easily forgotten.

Though three of us in the bedroom need not simply be soft and sensual. My head recently has been swimming with visions of myself and another being disciplined by a stern mistress, our bottoms turned red before we fall to each other for comfort. Or my mind wanders to memories of being kissed and comforted after my own bottom has been thoroughly spanked.

Frankly, whether you want to spoil yourself or spoil me, I cannot encourage duo bookings enough. While I love the intimacy that is borne through one on one meetings, a ménage à trois cannot be overestimated in my opinion. Please take a look at my friends page and let your own fantasies convince you if I haven’t yet. I’ll expect your emails to follow shortly…