About Me

I’m Alicia, a London based escort specialising in GFE and submission (with lots of spanking and just a hint of switching). After leaving university, I settled into various office jobs but found myself unsatisfied with the 9-5, sat at a desk all day. So last year I quit my day job and leapt into the world of private companionship. I love the range of people I have been able to meet, teach and learn from. I’ve been able to jump into all sorts of kinks, fetishes, and fantasies I’d never dared explore before. It’s been a whirlwind of hedonistic pleasure!

I’m often asked what I enjoy in the bedroom and in all honesty it changes with the wind. Some weeks I find myself more drawn to the intimate girlfriend experience, slowly exploring each others bodies, working out how the other person ticks. Sometimes a gal just wants to lie back and be worshipped! Other weeks I’m desperate to be bound, gagged and disciplined, followed by some soothing after care in the hands of my master or mistress. I suppose the truest answer is I’m greedy for new encounters and experiences.

In terms of appearance, I have shoulder length brown hair, one small facial piercing (a Medusa), pierced nipples and quite a few large tattoos. With pale skin and a pink blush, I’m an English rose with a modern twist. My figure is slim but curvy with 34E breasts and a generously sized round bottom (absolutely ideal for spanking). I’m a rather petite 5’5″ out of heels. I favour a natural but trimmed bush. Why not peruse my gallery and take a peek for yourself?

Outside of the bedroom, I’m an avid reader. I have a soft spot for the modernists and the Bloomsbury set but I also love to read graphic novels and modern thrillers. My favourite drinks are red wine (anything big and bold), champagne and cocktails (Martinis and anything whiskey based are my weakness).